Assume the best intentions in people

Last year I was sitting out with Mathieu relaxing. He was in a deep conversation with someone over text. They stopped responding. I was getting a play-by-play and when the conversation stonewalled he said, I guess she’s in the shower  and it’s running long. Another time there was a similar situation and he said, oh. Must be on skype with an international friend.

He’s got a philosophy….negative assumptions are useless. Make positive ones.

It’s easy to let the lesser parts of us show up. Assumptions can surface a lot of that. EG: Assuming that other people are actively trying to avoid us is a lesser part, exposing our insecurities.  It also takes a self-centered view of the world that comes from our current situation/environment/experiences…without considering theirs.

His fix: come up with other important things that might have come up. For him these stories are fun and playful. Everytime I have a laughing fit. I’ve adopted the same.

PS BLINK, by Malcolm Gladwell is a stellar book. Everyone is telling you the truth.


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