A few folks have been asking me how I manage everything that I do. I didn’t realize how involved I was until I had breakfast last week with a friend who reminded me of her 2-thing rule, where she only takes on two responsibilities at a time (outside of work). Caveat: my role model in NYC is Fred Wilson (USV) and he’s much more involved in a productive and exciting way with the cities affairs/startup community. That’s where I aspire to be, but I recognize that my schedule is like peanuts to many folks (including the working single parent). Before I dive in, shoutout to all of you that manage a hectic load.

This is NOT a guide on how to manage your involvements. I’m a work in progress. However, you can feel free to brainstorm with me as I vomit my involvements into text. If you want to know what I’m working on…this is the right place (Yes, Mom I know you read this :D).

*After writing this, I’m expecting December 2016 to be a lot lighter. If that’s true, I’m happy with this. I don’t like being this busy. Prep for TEDx has kept me from the dojo!*

Over the last couple of months I took a role working with a company to shore up their Product Management capability. It’s been a fun ride. I’ve found myself doing a lot of things that aren’t Product specific, but definitely still adding value from a Project Management perspective. This takes at least 40 hours a week. Day-to-Day I’m at the office by 830/9 and out by 6.

I’m using the stability as an opportunity work up on a new go-to-market for M/IG. (M/IG: we build companies for people that have ideas and don’t want to leave their day job) By March I hope to relaunch with a revitalized go-to-market and a more sustainable pipeline for pulling clients. I also plan to work on our pricing to make sure that we’re competitive across the market and adding value to clients within an elasticity that they find value. Of course adding in that we’ll still pull in margins that make the business worth running. This takes nights/weekends. A few hours here and there, mostly conversations or ideating. This takes less than 7-15 hours collectively month over month.

This week I’ll sign a new client. The first new client since I went back to the drawing board. It’s all Strategy side. Likely less than 15 hours a month. I’m expecting this to be a fun project.

Outside of these two bigger things, I like to stay involved in the NYC Community. I do this with the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers-NY Hub, Lean-In Men and Startup Institute NYC‘s Alumni Committee. All of these take about three nights a month from me.

PS 11/11 we’re doing an event with LADIESNYC around Women’s Entrepreneurship. There’s a really cool speaker and she’ll look to share the how on taking the dive & finding success.

We just wrapped up the work I’ve been doing with the United Nations. So that’s just taking a post-mortem 4 hours a month. It will probably do that for another month or two. (I need to make sure we’re still steering things and pushing them forward)

All that leaves weekends and evenings for Gyming, relaxing, and spending time with friends. I like to VEG out on Sundays at the apartment. I think my friends use this to spend with their significant others #HolaSingleLife. Either way, the last two folks I was into were over 200Miles away (my plan to keep relationships limited to those in my zipcode is failing). I lose weekends this month because I’m doing a TEDx in Ohio this weekend and we have a Global Shapers retreat next weekend. Then for Thanksgiving I’m in Iceland–but no complaints about that!

This month is uniquely busy. I’m excited about all of this though. LadiesNYC keeps me connected to a friend that I think is fantastic and want to support, Lean-In NYC connects me to a group of men that I vibe with on a very important level: equity is important. We’re equal. Startup Institute keeps me plugged into the Startup Ecosystem in NYC. M/IG helps me flex my creative juices, and doing this day-role lets me be a bit risker with M/IG and gives me the space/time to plan it.

I will say that this week I’m a bit overwhelmed. Hugs and kisses welcome.

Shipments of chocolate will be rewarded.


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