Bedtime Thoughts. The next two weeks are action-packed!

Next week we move into a new spot. It’s right in Brooklyn, by the Ice Skating rink. This will give me ample opportunity to strap up my skates and go wild. I miss being out on the ice. In high school I played Ice Hockey and was able to compete in some pretty fun games through our Varsity team. Our team was the only squad in town with a bunch of POC’s on it. We weren’t the best either so the stereotypes stayed consistent. Whenever I tell folks that I played hockey they hit me with the 0_0 *add iOS emoji eyes here.*

I get a kick out of it.

I’m thinking a lot about the next two weeks. Here’s what I’ve got on my agenda:

  1. Moving
  2. TEDx (this weekend) (11/7)
  3. Global Shapers retreat (next weekend) (11/14)
  4. Programming a new North America website at work/the normal managing of personalities & people. (PS I think if we did away with politics our net gain would quadruple.)
  5. [Lean-In MEN NYC] We’re partnering with LadiesNYC on 11/11 to host an interactive talk on Women in Entrepreneurship.
  6. Parties: Powerwoman Gala (11/5) & Diwali Celebrations!! (11/12)

Toss in that an old friend from Australia is in town (YAY).

I’m looking forward to all of this. I’ll be scooting off to Iceland for Thanksgiving and December should be quiet. This is a good run-up to the end of the year. 2015 is flying by.

Let me know what you’re thinking we can do. Especially if you’re NYC based 🙂


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