Silence offers time to think; introspection. I’ve come to appreciate the stillness and silence that being alone provides so I try and find as much me-time as I can. Here are some resulting thoughts:

  • Listen to your friends. Even in the places you don’t think they should be offering insights. Your friends aren’t all supposed to be rockstar entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers or (insert whatever your interest is here). 
  • Keep a diverse group of people around you. Yes, racially diverse, but also important is to have people with various interests. Respect what they have to say, even if you disagree. Disagree in a mild-mannered fashion.
  • Take it easy. Your life isn’t as difficult as you think. When we got into the home-stretch of Senior Year, all of my friends had closed jobs at top-tier firms. I got nervous and spent weeks being a wreck–freaking out. Plenty of people have. Then we graduated, learned that life is more than work, and that the world is expansive and incredible. 
  • Be a good person. Help others. You are a masterpiece. You have a job in the universe. Chances are you won’t find that gig in the next 3 months.
  • Relationships: Validate quickly. “Good ones, they kind of suck in the best way possible.” –RA
  • Recognize what’s healthy for you/what you need and hold everyone to that standard.
  • Take time to be alone.

These are thoughts erupting from some of the “valleys” in my life (read:Low Points). Some of my greatest failures. My hope is that you don’t reinvent the wheel. But the most entrepreneuring of us seem to learn best from our own mistakes.

p.s. this isn’t an exhaustive list. I want your thoughts too.


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