I had a good laugh today. I signed up to take over the NYC Global Shapers Twitter. Logging on, I found 99+ notifications (account had been unmanaged for a bit). I parsed the notifications and was not surprised to have messages from Shapers traveling through NYC. I was surprised to scroll down to January 2015 and find a tweet from myself. Context: I hadn’t joined the Shapers until August of 2015 or the application cycle until midway through 2015. 
Writing things down has a way of making them unfold for you.
Shoutout to all of the folks that are working to make this year the best year of the Shapers. The Shaper Alumni of New York have left a high bar. I’m excited to get to know you better and to learn how I can best support your progress and achievement. Most of all, I’m excited to make a group of friends that I can be myself with and grow old with.

Give us a follow at : @GlobalShapersNY
If you’re a baller person under 33 consider applying to join your local hub.

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