I met a German friend yesterday who’s done some pretty incredible things when it comes to the brand-marketing space. We spoke briefly on my pending TED talk, trying to organize how I deliver the message I’m passionate about.

The idea I feel passionately about: Make an impact on your community. Social Enterprise provides business models that make impact sustainable, so that you can do good and live well. But all of this starts with you taking action. From above, the challenges are daunting. It almost seems if we can’t do anything about them. And yet, if you do something to help your neighbor..that’s impact. If enough of us something to help our neighbor, that’s change.

Boiling this idea into a relatable message has been…a doozy.

I want these words to force people to consider the world around them. They already see challenges around them every day. I’d like for them to see these challenges and recognize opportunity in those challenges. That they can be apart of solving that challenge.

We centered it down to two means of connecting to people:

  1. Many Americans feel unfulfilled. Social enterprise is a profitable way to give back to your community and put money in your pockets. It fits the Do Good, Do Well mantra well. So contribute to a business that tackles a social problem and generates revenue or build one yourself.
  2. Look around. The wealth between the rich and poor is more stark now than ever before. While some of us live comfortable, others struggle to find shelter every night–or food for every meal. These resources are plentiful in our markets….we’re innovating to figure out how we can best serve Online Advertisements. Why don’t we innovate to solve some of the human challenges in our area? Creating a solution for someone in your community is the most powerful thing you can do.

The first centers around you–you feel unfulfilled and by helping the world, you can feel full. The second centers around others- you recognize that others are challenged in ways that you are not. You want to do something about it.

Which format resonates with you? 


What do you think? Leave your thoughts

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