I asked a new friend for some advice on telling my story. She works with C-Suite Executives at a Fortune 500 Company helping them improve their presence. I’m enrolling her support in a *fingers crossed* successful TEDx talk this November. Here are her insights:
Three questions 
  1. What journey do you want to take the audience on?  (Output)
    • ex: I want you to see a problem & see the solution or your participation differently
  2. By the end of this talk I want people to __________
    •  Ex: See/Feel/Learn/Do
  3. Why is this journey important to me? (relating your message to your story)
    • evoke imagination
      • EG: Close your eyes. Imagine a world where…*add amazing future*…bring them back to reality
    • “The problems I was faced with don’t exist anymore”
Breakdown your story
  1. Beginning
    • Tell them what you’re going to tell the them
      • 40 seconds to grab their attention
      • You can use a story
      • “The Why”
  2. Middle
    • Tell them
      • “The How”
  3. End
    • Tell them what you told them (recap)
      • Close your story (this technique is wrapping your message around a story)
      • “Actions”
All stories should draw the problems back to the people in the room. They should feel related to.
If the story is about Bob, a young innovator solving a problem in Ohio….how many Bob’s are in the room? Ask them!
Break up your talk
  • Consider using a video to change the pace
  • TED talks are short on purpose.
  • Success=making those 12 minutes understandable, interesting, and salient.
  • Changing pace helps keep things interesting.
Shoot for a 12 minute talk. You don’t want to be too short, but you also don’t want to bore people.
Use the first 40 seconds to excite people
I’m really looking forward to working on my speaking/storytelling. Stories are something that have been done for centuries and Indians have a rich history with storytelling. My grandpa is also a pretty damn good storyteller….so continuing the family tradition would be a great gift to him and my children.
If you’ve got any feedback of things I should think about, speaking coaches that are excellent in NYC, or general thoughts comment away!

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