I texted some of my buddies to see how they were recovering from a fun night of rooftop drinks and dancing, “brunch!” As much as I love brunch, I did Melba’s (Harlem) last week and thought I had a great time and am really happy with the money I spent, I’m aiming to be more thoughtful about my habits. There’s nothing more thrifty than cooking for yourself! And today I wanted to throw it back to the roots.

I wanted chicken curry SO I called up the chef I know who does it best, Momma Mathew.SN

Mom asked what I had in the shelves and I literally pulled everything that seemed relevant out. This meant anything that was in a spice container.  After some conversation we narrowed the spices required down to about 9. (You can do this with a premixed bag of spices specifically for Chicken Curry–pick it up at your local Indian food store.)

IMG_0505 2
Spices Lined Up

I started with Coconut Oil, heating it up in a non-stick pan and throwing some Onions on it after warm. I threw some base ingredients into that–Cumin, Ginger, and Garlic. Each one teaspoon.

IMG_0507 2After the Onions had softened up a bit, I threw in some Tomatoes. That heated up for a bit and while that was going on I followed my Mom’s list and threw a teaspoon or half into a little bowl. In that bowl, I threw in some water and mixed up the spices to make a masala of my own.  Then I threw that masala into the Onions & mixed everything in together–letting it sit until everything looked like it had sorta become one thing.

I used that time to cut the chicken up. By this point I’d already cleaned the chicken breast by running some water over it and letting it sit in some Vinegar for about 15 minutes. I cut up the chicken and threw it into a strainer. Then I dumped it into the mix and mixed everything together.

I cooked this on high for 10 minutes and then left it on low for about 30 minutes. I’d been advised to do 20, but I used the extra 10 to make sure that the chicken was cooked and with hopes that the flavor had sunk in. IMG_0509 2Results: The chicken is tasty! The favor is great. I’m so excited to use new spices and green garnishings. The chicken is a bit rough though, I’m looking to get it to be a bit softer next time. Maybe that means I do 10 on HIGH and 20 on LOW.

All suggestions are welcome:)

What’s chicken without rice…my preference is to Basmati.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts

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