Today was a rough day.

Today has been challenging.

There was a lot of diversity in today’s tasks including work & extracurriculars.

  • (work)stakeholder management for senior level management consultants
  • (work)people/personality management with seniors on my own team
  • (extra)finalizing UN document (and trying to figure out how we’re going to get this thing designed in time for release/guidelines)
  • (extra)organized/executed a dinner for a curated group of young folks all interested in policy

Rubber Balls/Glass Balls  is a term I’ve been taught to describe handling tasks critical to operations vs tasks that could be held off for a bit. I’m stellar at balancing and understanding the two. This serves me well as a product manager.

It seemed like everything was a glass ball today. Part of this was a result of poor management: micromanagement and broken communications. Another part of this is my mind: I’ve been under a bunch of stress lately & I need to do a better job of getting to my core and finding avenues for singularity. The dojo is a great place for this..I haven’t been since last Monday. And the third part of this is pure luck. Sometimes, even when you plan for the worst case scenario, things go to shit and you’ve got to say “Well, that happened. Let’s get through it. We’ll figure it out”

Today was a mix of the above.

I don’t want to hide these thoughts or feelings. I want to be able to speak about failure and hardship as openly as I speak about success and trials.

It’s healthy to share these with the people around you. I think it’s how we grow, but we need to do a better job of provided safe spaces for Men…especially men of color to have this conversation with each other. Masculinity, especially when attached with a color, seems to be a defining characteristic. And any flaws in that skin seem to be an opening for deadly virus. It’s a double standard and it’s really dampening to us as individuals. Some of that is led by POC on POC interactions….things we further reinforce as a community.

Today was challenging for me. How was it for you?


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