Feeling badly because your friend has something & you don’t have it yet? Descope.

Earlier this week I met a Startup Institute (SI) Alumnus for lunch. Two weeks earlier, when we planned lunch, she mentioned that she needed support finding a job. I wanted to make sure that she got as much value from our time as possible so I jumped right in. To my surprise, those two weeks had been uber productive–she’d already secured one offer and had three interviews lined up.

Hoo-Rah! But she was still feeling bad. She responded that this stemmed from her stress and added that they were primarily caused because: “everyone in my cohort (SI) has jobs.

When I was at Startup Institute I popped out unemployed for a few weeks too. Folks in my cohort were getting picked up everywhere–for all kinds of money and perks too. I was also always the last kid picked on the playground growing up, so I have a strong grasp of that feeling.

I get by today remembering that each of us is the result of numerous experiences: successes and failures. If we are all books, our bookmarks are in different chapters. My experiences are mine alone–what I have and what I’ve lost is based on the variety of life that I’ve lived. Nobody can know my struggle or my happiness as well as I can. Similarly, I have little knowledge or context of the situations that brought the people around me to where they are. This concept isn’t based on age. It’s based on respect–both for yourself and your experiences as well as respect for the folks around you. And it’s not a new idea either.

She might be on Chapter 7. You might have only begun to start writing.

We go much further remembering and respecting the diversity of each others lives. Respecting that means appreciating their successes and utilizing that positive energy towards your next successes.

At least that’s how I did it. I’m eager to hear what others think. -MM


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