The Type of Father I Should Be

I celebrated the birthday of a very good friend this weekend. After all the festivities, I had the opportunity to reflect on some of the experiences we’ve had and some of the conversations we’ve had. One thing that’s really seemed to influence outcomes is the role of father’s in our lives. His dad is a really successful businessperson and father. I can tell that my friend and his brother have taken a lot from him. As I reflected on our friendship, I thought to myself of the fathers we would someday be and how valuable it would be to have people with different fathering experiences exchanging notes.

Then I saw this video on facebook.

This is the dad I want to be. My mom always said what happens in the house stays in the house. I always understood why, but I never thought of it from the adult perspective. I think there’s tremendous power in this video. I’d encourage you to watch it on through. It’s short & effective at sharing a message that matters. These are the fathers we should be.


What do you think? Leave your thoughts

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