Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and runner for the Democratic Nomination to President wrote this great piece on Huffington Post today. He brought up a crucial issue, the American Mindset. I find a lot of value in what he’s saying and when I look around the world, I think we’re falling behind because we’re not thinking at the level we need to be.

Check this out:

Our job is not to think small. It is to think big.

The United States is the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Why are we so far behind so many other countries when it comes to meeting the needs of working families and the American middle class?

Why doesn’t every American have access to healthcare as a basic right?

Why can’t every American who is qualified get a higher education, regardless of family income?

Why can’t we have full employment at a decent living wage?

Why must many older Americans be forced to choose between paying for food, shelter, or medical care?

Why can’t working parents have access to affordable, high-quality childcare?

We should be asking questions like these every day. We have more billionaires in this country than any other nation on earth. We also have more child poverty than any other major industrialized nation. We have the highest rate of student debt. We have more prisoners, more homeless people and more economic inequality.

His words remind me of a clip from The Newsroomthe best 8 minutes American Television has seen in decades. A clip on hope and justice, on overcoming difficulty by recognizing the nature and presence of difficulty itself.

I think we’ve spent too long telling our children and each other that we’re the greatest country in the world. We sure once were, but today we are not. We have much work to do, but we can get back. It starts with recognizing where we are and what our flaws are–some fatal. Inequality, for instance is a fatal flaw.

I believe another fatal flaw to be politicians that take positions for the vote.

By design, a career politician will change on issues to fit their voter. By design, the humanity in them can grow as well. I think that’s why Hillary Clinton in 2000 said she supports legal Marriage as between only between a man and woman, whereas today she supports gay marriage too. Our society has growth a lot, and us with it. My fear is in the uncertainty of knowing which politicians are standing by their principle and which are standing by the vote. I am always drawn to folks who stand by principle. Those are the people you can count on.

Bernie Sanders has been saying LGBT folks should have the same rights since he came into office, way before many of us had progressed in our views. He’s been pretty straight forward on issues and in many cases represents the ‘grown’ or matured perspective.

Many of my friends are campaigning for Hillary. I’m excited for them. They’re neck-deep into politics and are standing by the candidate who they think will win. However, in this instance, I’m going to stand by my principle– I think our great nation has been afflicted with special interests and too many politicians coddling us with “you are the greatest nation in the world.”

I’m going to put my money towards a candidate that will be honest and tell the truth.

Give Bernie a read. Even if you don’t agree with him, I doubt you’ll wonder where his intentions lay.



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