Being Better- a note on Fathers Day 2015

Success is a really funny  troublesome word because everyone has a different definition for it.

For some of us, success is being a good dad. I like that definition. I read today that a good leader is quiet and unassuming. I think of dad as a leader-at least that’s the dad I want to be. Someone that adds rich value to my family and my community.

I’m not a dad, and my dad couldn’t be described as successful with this definition. I have the opportunity to see my cousins who are dads, and I remember that are or have been. There are some pretty awesome dads around. Everyones got flaws, and some of those flaws I’ve seen closer than others–but their presence is probably 65% of what makes them successful.

Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote an interesting piece in the Washington Post on being a successful dad by being a stay at home dad. I thought it was interesting because it flipped the idea of fatherhood, patriarchy, and success in the way I was taught it. It’s worth a read. I don’t think everyone needs to stay at home to be a great dad.

One day I hope to be a dad. I hope that my friends are dads too. I hope that we keep each other accountable for being good dads and valuable people to our community and families. That’s what I want success to mean for me.


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