I watched those last two minutes intently. The catch, amazing. With the new position The Seahawks gained, it was surely an easy 7. Patriots were set for a loss.

My only question was to the clock–50 seconds left with 30 on the play clock, they must be running it out. Or would they not? Hmmm.

Oh, look! They’re lining up! Wait, the only way they lose this one is if they throw. RedZone with that Pats secondary-nah, they wouldn’t disrespect the Patriots enough to do that. WAIT–what’s that formation. Why are they snapping the ball and moving back. NO WILSON DONT SHOOT ON A QUICK SLANT.

**World shakes and ceases to exist.**

I spend the next two minutes with my mouth gaping open. The table behind me is asking the boys at the table questions, the twenty-something age working professional woman at that table says why they would do that, “Shouldn’t they have run?”

Yes darling, they messed up. They messed up real bad. 🙈


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