There’s something attractive about good people with an ability to make others smile.

You know, those folks that have you gleaming on your toughest days. It seems easy for them to remind you of your value and descope your situation for it. Those folks come a dime a dozen.  And I love them for it, but I don’t imagine it’s easy or sustainable on the soul.

Maybe they’re struggling and holding a facade so they can be someone elses pillar.

I’m attracted to those people and admire them. They hold groups and families and societies together. Those are leaders. (You the real MVP!)

One of the ways we make the world more bearable for them and ourselves is by being a bit more honest in our appreciation of those people around us. It’s easy for anyone to forget how awesome they are, especially when we don’t do anything but talk about places for improvement.

I bet this kind of sincerity has a rippling effect. I bet it heals us and those around us. I wager that by being more sincere in your appreciation those people, with the facades and the gleaming smiles, get to breathe a little easier. There’s less for them to do.

For the most uniquely spectacular in that mix. I’m figuring out how to show those type of how wonderful they are, to me. Drop me a line with ideas. V-Day suggestions are welcome too.

Show people how awesome they are and you’ll find exactly how great you are. And how alone you are not. Let’s make the world a bit more cheery.

P.S. Don’t forget your mentees, mommas, and poppas. They spent a lifetime telling you how awesome you were (maybe). Now is your chance to do that for them (definitely).

Psps. Make room for the people that matter by booting those who don’t matter. The Rockstar Anthropologist says, “Ass, Grass, or Gas- Nobody stays for free”

– Your local neighborhood Aquarius

Oh, btw my birthday is on February 5th. I’m kicking it off with Spark. We’re helping them support women led organizations. You should come too.


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