Just Accomplished my First Resolution of 2015! #Hacking2015

My 2015 motto, Lay Low & Learn, is all about trying, failing, and adapting quickly. It’s about growth. Build fast and Iterate like Hell. In that spirit of iteration and learning, I present my second iteration of my 2015 goals:

1. Work on a dope product with a team of stellar people.

2. Meet Air Force Weight Requirement in the first Quarter of 2015 (by April 30th)

3. Love

Goal #1, accomplished.

Last week I signed with the 2015 Digital Agency of the Decade. They’ve tasked me to one of Tech’s top brands, an organization building real moonshots and shaping the future. I’m confident that the product I’m working to roll out will impact the technology landscape for companies across industries-particularly high-growth small to medium sized organizations.

I had two offers on deck–both really exciting organizations.

The other was an offer to work on Digital Innovation in a resource heavy organization, one that boasts the most expensive touch screen wall in North America, 3D Printers, in-house robots, and Oculus Rift amongst other Virtual Reality toys (Serious toys).There, I would have joined a program that’s trajectory would put me in a position to join the organization’s top leadership within the decade.

Factoring all of my compensation package I left at least $10k worth on the table to take the offer that I did.

It’s a mindful choice that I made. I chose my agency for culture & mission alignment.

They’re all about smart-tech, wearables and the future of technology. And the folks in the organization seem really hungry and motivated to achieve that. They’ve also got verticals like internal accelerator programs in partnership with leading incubators, innovation branches, and offices around the world; I get the sense it’s a place I can thrive. Seems like a place I can crush all that I set out to for 2015.

I’m excited to have Goal #1 knocked out. Getting the job is just the beginning. I’ll be working hard to crush it. Now that my income is set, I can move my laser focus to  Goal #2: Getting fit for the United States Military.

I’ll dive wholly into Goal #2 right after my Birthday on the 5th of February. I’ll have accomplished it by the last week of April. Goal #3, finding love and loving more, that’s on the backburner. I’m doing thing one at a time and right now in intervals of 3 months.

One thing I try to remember is: The best version of you is the version most capable of moving the universe in the direction you believe is best. 


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