All my life I’ve been obsessed with breaking out and doing things differently. When things were going well I’d think about how we could be improving. My mom’s complaint has always been that I’m never happy enough–**tips hat that way**, it’s true. 2011-2014 taught me a lot about starting and finishing my own things. Battle scars and bruises, I learned how difficult both leadership & entrepreneurship can be. Labors of love. You do them because you’re passionate, but this year–none of it. I’m going to try my hat at getting behind the mission of other people that I believe in; folks I can learn from & folks that inspire me.

2015 is a prep year. En Boca Al Lupo. It’s all about learning and growth.

2014 was a success. 2015’s goals are about the self & balance. I’m focused on the man I want to be 15 years from today. I’m building for that.

There are three areas for improvement & assigned accountability metrics:

  • Mental-
    1. Find a mission you believe in; an amazing group of people & product. Be present and invested every moment.
    2. Discipline: Routine, Workout, Duolingo
    3. Self-control: Fasting, Dieting, Self-imposed restrictions & abstains
    4. Greater capacity for handling stress
      1. Develop internal leadership & coping skills. Be able to access & practice values in the hardship.
    5. Work on tougher problems. Connect dots. Journal more.
  • Physical-
    1. Meet United States Air Force weight requirements within the first quarter of 2015.
    2. Invest heavily in Jiu-Jitsu; be in the dojo 2-3 times a week within 2 weeks of a new apartment.
    3. Find the right diet for you. Spend Q1 with Meats & Veggies. Limit bread & rice.
    4. Get to bed by 11:00 or 6-8 hours of sleep every night
    5. Dress like a man
      1.  Fresh cut | Suit cut
  • Emotional
    1. Know your worth.
    2. Love.
    3. Chase moonshots.
    4. Let things happen. Think less. Live more.
    5. Clean up your solar-system. Don’t play with people that don’t serve you. Serve others. Cut ambiguity. Transparency.
    6. Be there person you’d want to be friends with.
    7.  Light up the room. Keep it short, light, & happy.
      1. Be tactful in communication. Mind your tongue.
      2. Recognize how great people are; remind them.
      3. Think 10x before saying one thing.

Pre-2015 taught me a lot. I took tons of notes. Now it’s about deploying those lessons into the field of life. I’ll keep learning along the way, but here with a balanced focus on the future and laser attention to the mission.

The last 23 years have filled me with a lot. The next 23 are about the space in between.

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother“ Gibran

Photo on 11-10-14 at 9.18 PM #2


8 thoughts on “Lay Low & Learn; Preparing to thrive beyond 2015

  1. That was great, but somehow I dont believe on thinking less and live life. To innovate, one has to think all the time about different issues and the ‘strategies’ thereof to go ahead. I am working in the field of solid state physics (even after retirement with some of my students in USA). Recently, theoretically, we have developed materials that will give much higher photocurrent density that is more useful for photovoltaic cells that are need in the ‘solar energy’ circuits to produced environment-friendly electrical energy for human use. We would like to know more about such innovations. Secondly, I think a lot on “Dynamics of Policies’ that could be useful in future for all of us.

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