1. The Person who makes your life less stressful. [You won’t have to worry.]

2.The Person who won’t let you get used. The person that doesn’t use people. The one who checks the people who try to use you. [Who doesn’t want a bouncer.]

3. The Person that Respects you. [and reminds you to respect yourself.]

4. The Person that Doesn’t hurt you [and just in case, works like hell to make it up to you.]

5. The Person that Doesn’t Lie to You [You’re too perfect to him, to be lied to.]

6. The Person who makes you Feel Good

The one who puts a smile on your face and talks you up to everyone around you. To lift you up in ways you never knew possible. Because he thinks the world of you and believes everyone should too.

7. The Person Who Doesn’t Pretend [You deserve the world and everything in it.]

8. The person that makes you dream of a better future. [And works just as hard as you, alongside you, to make it happen.]

9. The person who Moves you Forward. [and who you move forward too]

10. Space is tight. That’s why he doesn’t let everyone have it. Be somebody who deserves the space you own, and he’ll never let you go.