Leadership today Sucks.

Leadership sucks today. 

The world is begging for better leadership. Leaders that espouse high ethical values, courage, honesty, integrity, and the grit it takes to battle through the dirt, practicing these values. Mistakes are normal. All people make mistakes. Leadership doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must be honest.

The leaders of the PBA of New York just asked the Mayor to not attend Police Officer Funerals.

The old-guard leaders of race-relationships use inflammatory rhetoric to express complex ideas.

The leaders of the United States are on the Payroll of CitiGroup and other organizations like them.

We are lacking quality leadership in America and it’s really killing us.

How might leadership behave differently?

POLICE Black boys are 21x more likely to be shot by a cop than their white counterpart. Acknowledging that statistical fact (driven by data) is one step towards solving the problem.

The first step to solving any problem is recognizing that one exists. This doesn’t mean blaming anyone thats innocent or talking poorly about cops. This is taking statistics and having it inform your work. If the stats point to something—it’s a problem.

Recognize a problem. Speak to it. Solve it. That’s good leadership.

The frustration can be understood because Cops have a job to do and their safety is seriously questioned often. It’s tough to be flexible with your back against the wall.

CIVIL RIGHTSAl Sharpton could tone down the rhetoric. It’s not based on solving problems anymore. He’s throwing gas on a fire and making it more difficult to have conversations by doing so.

Our leadership in the space needs to do more than just recognize White Privilege, but recognize that privilege is a dynamic and complex structure that everyone plays some role in. Forums that connect us to police officiers and the structures that build power are a better means to solving these problems and a better pathway for expressing our frustrations.

The frustrations exerted can be understood, because “How Long Must We Wait” for rights is real. How many black and brown boys must be killed before somebody recognizes that their backs are against the wall too? Must we work so hard to gain respect?

Policy- Growing up I thought a statesmen was inspired by Gandhian, MLK values. This doesn’t seem to be true, but they sure do talk a lot about it.

Policy is written in checkbooks. Power is centralized. Banks write the rules they play by. Growing up I thought politicians were the people that stood for what was right, but todays politician seems to care more about his/her future than the road they can pave in the next 4 years.

Politicians need to be upfront about the problems. I think DeBlasio did a good job in addressing the issues. If the PBA decides to overreact and act like there isn’t a problem, that’s an outcome we can deal with. Politicians should stand by people and cops are people too.

It’s the job of our generation to build the future of leadership and to ensure that high ethical values and strong determination for solutions are at the forefront of those we raise up to the podium.

Imagine what the conversations we’re having today would look like if those in power had the foresight to facilitate conversations that included everyone… rather than playing the oppression olympics or measuring sticks.


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