Being A Philanthropist Does Not Make You Nice: Playing Undercover Boss In My Own Home

Pippas experience made me consider further dimensions like race, gender, and beauty: the role each plays in meetings and event dynamics. My friends used to say “don’t put me in a box” and I think we make boxes for people too quickly.

Pippa Biddle

I was transparent. Unless someone wanted a wine refill or had a special request for food I didn’t exist. I was the queen of my empire, the 10 square feet stretching from the stove to the kitchen sink, but beyond that invisible boundary I was just the ‘help.’ What most of the event attendees didn’t know, was that the ‘dope’ apartment they were in and kept commenting on, is actually my home.

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with food. It has led me to work in kitchens, write a food blog, and occasionally cater events as a favor to friends. This particular event was for a young philanthropists network that I am a part of. They needed a space and food, and we (my roommates and I) were glad to help out. So, instead of attending as a guest, I threw on an apron and started…

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