[how to] Hack Your Productivity & BE Super Productive

Since returning from India—EPIC trip, I have been working with clients in New York City. I work with businesses making a social impact(and one non-profit—I’m a sucker for non-profits) and create solutions for them primarily in business development, partnerships, and digital&social strategy (trendy words for marketing).

I get to have a social impact while helping dreamers execute their big ideas, learn from these clientors (client-mentor), and gain experience across sectors. It’s purposeful+profitable work: the good life.

This work allows me to create my own schedule, be flexible, and get things done. This freedom has been brilliant and awesome, but it’s easy to stray into daydreams or tasks. Any of my working friends (working at home or at office) know what I’m talking about.

These are a few things I’ve been doing—alongside mindfulness practice, that have really helped ensure maximum productivity.

Track Yourself

Metrics have incredible value. Tracking data of our own workday can enlighten us to our habits and help identify spaces for change.

I have an excel sheet where I track my tasks. At first I tracked everything—including my tangents into Facebook and Inc, FastCo and Medium (they’re so good!). I was wasting so much time! When I identified that, I could put more of my time towards client-work and my bank account smiled gleefully for it. (Until I shout first rounds on me!)

Tracking myself helps me visualize that and take control of my habits. I useWasteNoTime to limit my daily use of Facebook under an hour daily.

I also track my tasks. When I work on something I note my start time, finish time, and how long it’s taken. Now that I’m more mindful about how I’m working I naturally work more effectively. This has helped me work less+produce more. Don’t work more. Work smart.

Have a Plan

Make a schedule either the day before or at the start of each week. I know, life’s crazy and there are 1,000 really awesome things happening—all of them coming up last minute. Remember—plans go into a schedule and then schedule becomes routine and soon enough routine is habit.

Pro-tip: If you find your schedule is really rough start tracking what you spend time on. After a week or two of this go ahead and arrange your schedule accordingly. It’ll pan out.

Producing good work is a habit. Consistency is a habit. Practice does make better.

Get Away

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It’s often glorified and made out to be much more glittery than it is. It’s hard (unless you’re dropshipping…) and is very demanding. Intrapreunership isn’t easy either- It’s tough to be an innovator in an organization-one that’s usually older than you, when you are moving 10x faster than everyone around you. Whether you are at your own company or at someone else’s trying to make value happen—you are an innovator.

The best innovators aren’t the ones who work all day and catch two hours of sleep. Instead, they are the mindful folks that are working smart. Take a few moments for mindfulness training, step outside for a walk, call a friend and grab coffee. Just get away and explore things outside of that bubble for a moment. Do this enough and you’ll find that you don’t stress as much on the little things.

GET Healthy

Health is critical. Without your health, you have nothing else. How often are you so busy working that you forget to get up & go out. It’s dark out by the time you realize. Go out for a jog, go gym, kickbox. I really like swimming as an activity. Doesn’t matter that I’m the worst swimmer in the Northern Hemisphere.. I’m staying active!

Protip- Nobody is actually healthy. Health is, like happiness, a destination. Living a healthy lifestyle through our intake, sleep, and exercise will make for one hell of a journey. I’m not healthy either, but I’m working on it—get healthy.

Mental Resilience

Anyone can provide results. Fewer people can crunch deadlines and pump out top notch work. Even fewer people can do this with multiple deadlines and various clients. Mental toughness is the ability to keep crunching when you little left to give. It really is the ability to do those last 15 lunges to close your set or to crab up the hill during double sessions.

Mental resilience gets you through those six inches that Al Pacino talks about in Any Given Sunday. Build your mental resilience and deal with life six inches at a time.

Got haters? Tough Boss? Got enemies? Mental resilience. Being strong in mind will result in confidence and your ability to push through.

What works for you?

Let me know in the comments, tweet them to me at @marvin_mathew, or email me marvinmathew7 @gmail.

And if you want to put your passions + skills to work for you, holler! In Adam Grant fashion, how can I help?



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