Where Have The Ladies Gone? Class And The Modern Woman…

Loved this blog by James Michael Sama. Education & Class are gorgeous.
“Also: Read a book now and then. Being sexy isn’t just about working on your body – it’s also about working on your mind. One of the many great things about my girlfriend is that she can challenge me intellectually and always keeps me sharp.”

James Michael Sama

I recently wrote a post titled What it takes to be a modern gentleman in the 21st century, and some people suggested I put together something similar for the women of our generation.

So, I started to think.

Gearing Up On New York Street Style

I started to think about the years I had spent in the “club scene” before I finally lost interest in it. I started to think about the party girls of our generation. I started to think about the constant Facebook statuses I see pop up from girls about how “all guys are the same” or how these poor innocent girls are always being mistreated. (Hint: It’s not always someone else’s fault…)

The phrase “they don’t make’em like they used to” comes to mind. A quick flip through any of their Facebook photos will often find either a party lifestyle, a plethora of self-absorbed selfies, or a sequence of ex-boyfriends that all…

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