15 Quirks Girls Have That Guys Go Crazy Over

For certain

Thought Catalog

1. A Level-headed Sense Of Self-Deprecation

Not having one’s shit together can be very attractive. If it’s balanced properly–i.e., not overdone–it can be breathtaking.

2. The Knack For Being A Compelling Storyteller

When in relationships, girls talk a lot. Being a good narrator makes all the difference–if we’re smitten everytime you open your mouth…well, it’s not the worst.

3. Being A Sweatshirt Queen

If you can pull off wearing a guy’s oversized sweatshirt, chances are he’s gonna wanna hang around all day. Just don’t steal that varsity football ’09 hoodie!

4. A Random, Organic Enthusiasm

Random, unprovoked happiness. Is there anything better?

5. An Uptight Sense Of Humor

For the super serious types, who crack joke after joke without seeming to know. It’s a strange game they’re playing. I think the jokes on us–which is more than ok.

6. Great At Dancing, Unintentionally

Those who did 12 years of ballet…

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