Like a Summer About to End

Thought Catalog

Commitment is so beautiful and courageous. But people mistake it for a way to change or fix themselves: as if a relationship will make them consistent, wise, loving and true. That someone else can correct their lack of unity inside.

Even among struggles that are seemingly much more formidable – jobs, finances, health – the fetishization, the catch-all concept of relationships is something that overwhelmingly connects a concern in us all. The fear isn’t illogical; as 20-somethings we live in a time in which the person in your bed right now is probably not going to be there in 25 years. They might not even last 25 more days. But this is not the sin of omission we often make it out to be. We have the opportunity today to grow and evolve at an alarming rate, and these people who walk by our side for weeks or months or…

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