Male Allies Marching Onwards for Women’s Rights

Masculinity U

Guest Blog by Marvin Mathew

Gatorade ran a well-known Commercial in 2006, Everything you can do I can do better between Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm. It framed the ability of women to compete just as well as men. Gatorade’s commercial tied into a movement dating from the 1970’s in America. It continues today with President Obama’s words, “Our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts.”

It’s time to join the President and stand alongside women. According to Dolores Huerta, 2011 Medal of Freedom Recipient, a great way for men to get involved is to “Talk to other men and sometimes step back and let women step up.”  Directly from the words of a legend, all it takes is speaking to a brother, father, and friend.

Women are capable, but as long as we don’t stand alongside our…

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