India passes legislation for Womens Protections

India passes legislation for Womens Protections

Legislation should soon say that India does not accept rape or violence against women.

Now it’s time for police & society to show how that will actually happen. 

Passing legislation alone doesn’t guarantee protection, but mobilizing resources to educate citizens, incentivizing change, and creating flurry that changes the culture can go a long way to change. Men must be a part of these conversations. Strong women, bring your husbands to the table. If the have friends who rape their wives it is their friends who are going to impact their decisions the most. 

Students and young people: step up & step out. Show that you care about the future of your nation and your sisters and mothers by joining the movement and empowering your friends to be strong men. Strong men don’t rape- cowards do.

It’s your time to control the future of a nation that gave much to the world. 


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