I aspire to save the world. I know, sounds a little crazy, but take a moment and hear me out.

Saving the world on our own is impossible, but starting to make a change is not. We can start a few projects making impacts here and there. Luckily with technology and the ability to mobilize large groups for small ideas we don’t have to play in mindset as we once did where it was either this project or that.

We can start work on water sanitation in Haiti while simultaneously working on human trafficking in America, then start a sports diplomacy program to foster dialogue and discussion throughout the world, following that it might be possible to find innovative approaches to bringing education and technology into the developing world.

Over the last four years, this is the work I have done to change the world. By identifying interested partners I was able to work with others to scale my impact and share it so that others can make their own impacts. Alone, I cannot say I could have made much of a difference in the world, but by working together with other people (young and old) we are able to drive change.

Furthermore, if we can inspire the next generation of young people and give them pathways and resources to make the impact that we have + more than our collective impact becomes a shifting change.

As technology and social entrepreneurship take hold in the world this will double, triple, and quadruple the size of these dents.

I can’t save the world alone, but together we can. Working with industry, government, and everyday people we can play on our strengths and change society and humanity as we know it.

Superman may be fictional, but the truth is that there is a superhero in everyone we just can’t find it alone.


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